Keratin Treatment Sunshine Coast

Our Keratin Treatment Will Fix Your Frizzy And Unruly Hair

Are you tired of wrestling with wild, frizzy hair? Our keratin treatments can put an end to your struggle.

The keratin treatment is a salon procedure that can straighten hair for up to six months, eliminate frizz, and provide a glossy shine.

The smoothing action of keratin makes hair more manageable and less frizzy because cells that overlap are smoothed. This results in hair that is frizz-free, shiny, and healthy-looking. In addition, the temporary bonding of the hair back together by keratin can also help reduce the appearance of split ends.

If you frequently style your hair with heat, keratin treatment will also improve drying time. The drying time for some people is halved when using keratin. Air drying your hair more often can also lead to healthier, stronger hair since heat damage is minimised.

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Our Keratin Treatment Process

The First Step Is A Consultation

Professional stylists can evaluate your hair texture and condition, talk you through what’s possible, how much it will cost, how long it will take and whether your hair makes you a suitable candidate for this form of treatment. Having this information helps you have the best experience possible and avoid unwelcome surprises.

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Keratin treatment Sunshine Coast
A Hairdresser preparing a client for her keratin treatment

Specialised Hair Conditioning

The results you get from keratin smoothing will be affected if your hair is not adequately prepared. In the salon, your hair will be washed with a specialised cleanser, which will remove any residue left by previous products. Your hair must be clean before smoothing, and this technical cleaning product and process is vital for the best possible results.

Keratin Treatment Is Applied

Your stylist will apply the keratin smoothing treatment similar to getting an all-over colour. You will leave the treatment on for 30 to 60 minutes. Your hairdresser will determine the exact time after assessing the texture and thickness of your hair.

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Our Hair Specialist Applying Keratin Smoothing Treatment
One of our clients after her keratin treatment

Your Hair Is Blow-dried And Straightened

After a small amount of the treatment has been rinsed out, your hair will be air blown dry and straightened in the salon. This will be the end of your treatment in the chair, but there are still some crucial steps to follow at home.

You Can Wash The Product Out After 48 Hours

It may be tempting to wash it but resist the urge. Additionally, you cannot tie it up or wet it for 48 hours. We will supply you with specialised shampoo and conditioner for this process that won’t strip out the keratin to get the best possible outcome.

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A Girl With A Smooth Hair

How Long Does A Keratin Treatment Last?

You can expect the treatment to last for anywhere between two and four months, although it can last as long as six months with proper care. This is because your stylist will give you specialised, sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners and hair care tips. Sticking with this advice and products will ensure the effects last as long as possible.

Do At-home Keratin Treatments Work?

While it is possible to do this treatment at home, it is unlikely to be as effective or long-lasting as a salon treatment.

When this process is not done precisely, it can damage your skin and hair, and some people don’t have suitable hair for this kind of treatment. Therefore, a proper salon assessment is essential, and it is always advised you have this treatment done by professionals for the best results and no side effects.