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So, you’ve decided it’s time to give your hair some oomph! Hair extensions are definitely the answer, but which ones should you choose? At Olivia’s Secret Hair & Beauty, we specialise in tape extensions – they’re a comfortable, lasting alternative to clip-in extensions and less hassle than the traditional sewn-in type. Sounds like a winner, right? If you’re still not sure, read on to find out more about our tape extensions and figure out if they’re the best way for you to achieve the voluminous hair you’ve always dreamed of.

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Tape Extension Application

First things first – how are tape extensions applied to your hair? A tape extension is essentially a strip of tape with hair attached. The tape is attached to a small portion of your own hair, and voila – thicker, shinier hair in an instant!

Sounds like a cinch – can I do it at home?

Well, you could – but you’d probably be driving back here to get it fixed. The secret to top quality tape extension application is even distribution, considered positioning and using just the right amount of your own hair for each extension to ensure a secure fit and a natural finish. Our professional tape extension technicians are able to deliver the type of top quality finish you just can’t achieve at home.

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Hair Extensions Sunshine Coast - Olivia's Secret Hair & Beauty
Model With Smooth Flying Hair - Olivia's Secret Hair & Beauty

Tape Extension Removal

Ok – so what about taking them out?

Tape extension removal is straightforward enough, but great care is needed to minimise hair damage. Our quality products ensure your tape extensions can be removed without the need for harsh chemicals, and our experienced team will make sure your hair experiences minimum stress during the process.

Tape in extensions need to be removed every 8 – 12 weeks – you’ll know when it’s time because they’ll get a bit loose and you’ll see signs of them growing out.

Tape Extension Removal, Retape & Application

Tape extensions can usually be reused up to three times and our technicians at Olivia’s Secret Hair & Beauty are experts in tape extension removal, retaping and application. We’ll reapply your tape extensions in exactly the right place to ensure optimum volume and style, as well as taking great care to minimise any risk of damage to your hair.

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A before and after hair extension on the sunshine coast
Blonde Hair Extension on the Sunshine Coast

Tape Extension Retape

At Olivia’s Secret Hair & Beauty, we specialise in Russian tape extensions, which are known for being some of the best in the world. Choosing Russian hair means you can be confident that your locks will look great and stand up to several retapes. This means you’ll also get maximum benefits from your initial outlay.

Tape Extensions – Tape Full Head

Getting a full head of tape extensions is a superb way to be sure your hair looks full and glossy. Our team of tape extension experts will create a look that looks natural, fulsome and captures the type of wow factor that’s only possible with great quality tape extensions.

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Girl With Blond Hair Extension - Olivia's Secret Hair & Beauty


Here’s a couple of our top FAQs:

How Long Does It Take To Get Tape Extensions?

The application process takes between 45 minutes and an hour – although this will vary according to the volume and length you’re going for.

Why are Russian tape extensions so good?

Russian tape extensions are generally superior to hair from other parts of the world because of the exceptional quality of the Russian diet, which contains high quantities of vitamins and minerals, making for super glossy, super-strong hair.

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To have a chat about getting tape extensions, or for any other questions about taking care of your hair, just get in touch with us on 07 5444 4377 – One of our expert staff members will be happy to assist.