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Our Hair Colour Specialities

You may be tempted to attempt your own colouring at home, but before you do, consider going professional for something that will be the first thing people notice when they see you. Quality matters when it comes to hair colour and Olivia’s Secret Hair & Beauty can deliver the final look you deserve.

Our hair colourists are experts in their field, with plenty of experience that will take your hair colour from dull to dauntless.

Hair Colour Specialist Sunshine Coat
Balayage Completed by our Sunshine Coast Hair Colour Specialists


Balayage comes from the French word for sweeping and involves a highlighting colouring technique that is performed freehand without the need for foils. We paint colour directly onto segments of your hair for a more natural, summery hue, avoiding those harsh contrasts between colours.

This is generally the choice for people with darker toned hair seeking a lighter tone without the hassle of regular maintenance. With Balayage, the regrowth lines are much less distinguished and it is often the recommended choice for first-time hair colourings.


This colour technique aims to create a seamless gradient horizontally across the hair from darker to lighter tones. Also quite easy to maintain, ombre is a colouring technique often recommended to those who want something to give their current look more vibrance while still looking professional.

Ombre is available in all colours and can be designed to look subtle with natural hues (blonde, brunette, auburn) or bold with bright unnatural colours (blue, green, purple).

Woman With Pink And White Ombre Hair
Highlights Sunshine Coast


As simple as it sounds, highlights are pieces of hair that have been lightened from your natural colour. Usually, we will use foils to segment sections of hair to create a look that is soft or bold, depending on your request.

Highlighting is often used to give your hair that fresh and youthful look. It is especially recommended for those with dull or lifeless hair.

Colour Melt

To get that perfect soft look when it comes to hair colouring, a colour melt will blend that contrast between darker roots and highlighting or balayage to give the effect of melting between hair tones.

This is the perfect choice for those who are planning long periods between hair treatment appointments for whatever reason. It is also a great choice for people growing their hair out.

Colour Melt On Long Wavy Hair

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