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We Understand Curly Hair

We get it. Curly hair is different. You can’t throw on any old shampoo, rinse, dry, and expect to walk away with bouncy, picture-perfect curls!

At Olivia’s Secret, we understand curly hair. We recognise the craft and artistry that goes into creating perfectly moisturised, defined waves, coils, or ringlets—and we’re ready to take your gorgeous curls to the next level.

Why Is Your Hair Curly?

Have you ever wondered why some people have pencil-straight locks and others have tightly spun coils?

Here’s why!

According to the International Journal of Dermatology, curly hair comes about thanks to cell behaviour changes as the body produces hair fibres.

With straight hair, the follicle’s cells appear round and coordinated, creating even growth. However, with curly hair, the cells divide asymmetrically, creating bends in the hair follicle. This process creates elliptically-shaped hair fibres, leading to a unique curl pattern.

But why are some people born with coordinated hair follicles while others are asymmetrical?

Well, scientists aren’t exactly sure—but it all comes down to genetics. The main gene involved in hair shape produces a protein known as TCHH or trichohyalin. This protein strengthens hair as it grows.

TCHH also contains unique variants called small nuclear polymorphisms. Scientists associate these variants with different shapes and types of hair found around the world.

At Olivia’s Secret, we know the science behind curly hair—that’s why we treat it right.

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Different Types Of Curls

As a curly girl or guy, you know there isn’t just one kind of curl. Among the wavy, curly, and coily types, there are distinct subcategories.

Let’s dive into the different curl types we care for at Olivia’s Secret.

Coily (4A to 4C)

Coily curls are the tightest kind. Depending on the tightness and shape of your coils, they’ll fall into one of the following categories:

  • 4A, for small, tight coils with consistent texture from the root
  • 4B, for super tight coils forming a zig-zag or ‘Z’ shape
  • 4C, the tightest coils with a dense texture and zig-zag pattern

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Beautiful Girl With Coily Hair
Girl With A Curly Hair

Curly (3A to 3C)

Curly hair looks like spirals or ringlets. It normally grows consistently, but there can be some variations in curl patterns.

  • 3A curls are wide, spiral-shaped, and bouncy
  • 3B curls are tighter, like springy spirals, with loads of volume
  • 3C curls are dense, tight, and corkscrew-like

Wavy (2A to 2C)

Wavy hair is looser than curly or coily hair. It generally has an ‘S’ shape and comes in three distinct patterns. Sometimes, a few tighter curls might mix in with your waves.

  • 2A, for very loose waves with a hint of texture
  • 2B, for S-shaped waves beginning mid-way through the hair
  • 2C, for S-shaped waves starting closer to the root and extending to the ends

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Beautiful Long Wavy Dark Hair

How We Ensure Your Curls Will Look Amazing

Our experienced hairstylists take special care to ensure your cares look—and feel—amazing.

You’ll enjoy a luxurious treatment designed to suit your hair type perfectly. We use specially-made shampoos, treatments, and tools to clean and style the hair, avoiding excess heat and damaging products.

We trim, cut, and comb to suit your curl pattern and encourage healthy growth and vibrant shine

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