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At Olivia’s Secret, we understand that no two blondes are alike. Our experienced stylists offer personalised services to help you find your perfect shade, using the highest quality products and expert know-how.

If you’re after a blonde hair specialist on the Sunshine Coast, check out our services below!

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Blonde Foilyage

Foilyage is the perfect middle ground between clearly defined foils and a more natural look and is ideal for regrowth. Like balayage, colour is applied freehand but is processed in foils, giving you the intensity of foils with a more sweeping painted effect. Each foil is strategically placed to softly blend the ends with your roots and create a seamless, natural transition between light and dark.

Foilyage is ideal for adding dimension to darker brunettes and can be reversed to add a pop of colour for all over blondes.

Blonde Specialist Sunshine Coast - Olivia's Secret Hair & Beauty

Blonde balayage

Balayage creates a gentle transition effect by blending the colour downwards. Balayage colour is applied freehand rather than with foils or a tint cap, so regrowth areas are soft and natural.

Although most often seen with blondes, balayage can be achieved with almost any shade, and can even be reversed to transition from blonde roots to brunette ends. Whether you want a vibrant red or sun-kissed blonde, we can help achieve your beach-ready hair.

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A client on the Sunshine Coast after her Blonde Balayage treatment - Olivia's Secret Hair & Beauty

Blonde ombre

Ombre is a very striking, two-tone hair colour. A popular look for clothing, and even icing cakes, ombre blends your hair from dark roots to light ends creating a shadowy effect.

The natural placement of colour means ombre is an easy low maintenance look and is versatile enough to be used with almost any colour or shade, even bright blues and purples.

A before and after of a client who got her hair done by our blonde hair specialist on the Sunshine Coast - Olivia's Secret Hair & Beauty

Root shadow

Root shadow offers a low maintenance colour which creates the effect of your roots casting a shadow. A darker shade is applied under your roots and stretched downwards, creating an appearance of extra volume and dimension, and can be applied on hair of any length or texture.

Root shadow can work with your natural hair colour to ease regrowth visibility, and make harsh dark roots a thing of the past, or add a different shade for a whole new look.

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A before and after of a client who got her blonde hair treated by a Blonde Hair Specialist  on the Sunshine Coast - Olivia's Secret Hair & Beauty

Blonde melt

Blonde melt uses a 3 tone effect that is blended down the hair to create a gentle melting effect. It combines the striking transition of an ombre with the soft look from a balayage for a vibrant, but natural finish.

Blonde melt is an all-over colour but can be combined with added highlights or lowlights for extra dimension and a flawless look.

Blonde Hair FAQ’s

How many sessions will I need to go blonde?

This will depend on your desired shade and starting colour. Sometimes multiple sessions are needed to achieve your final look and preserve your hair’s health, but we will always make sure you leave the salon looking fabulous.

What if I already have colour in my hair?

We can work with pre-treated or coloured hair. We just ask that you are honest about what type of colour was applied so we can adjust our treatments to give you the best effect. 

How often will I need touch-ups?

This depends on your chosen colour and effect. Some effects grow out very naturally, and you will feel comfortable waiting longer between visits, while others may contrast more harshly and require more frequent attention.

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